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Volunteer Information


There are 3 steps to becoming a volunteer for Special Olympiics.


1.Fill out the Volunteer Application.


2. Attend a Coach/Volunteer Orientation.


Coach/Volunteer Orientation, commonly referred to as CVO is a one-hour, entry level training class required for all Class A Volunteers.  A Class A volunteer is any volunteer who has regular contact with athletes through roles such as coach, chaperone, or administrative authority.  Contact Lonnie Snow at 765-732-3636 to see when our next CVO training will take place.


3. Complete the Online Protective Behaviors Training.


A brief, online tutorial called Protective Behaviors.  This is a very  important part of your training - what to do in the case of abuse or suspected abuse of athletes.  This training is for the protection of the athlete - everyone's number one priority - and also for your protection as a volunteer.

Start the class here.